Helena Buche

Helena Buche is a Energy EFT Master Practitioner in Berlin, Germany
Helena Buche


A short description of EFT and what it can do for you

EFT belongs to the Third Field in the "mind, body, spirit" triad of the human energy body (Dr. Silvia Hartmann. Chair, Association For Meridian & Energy Therapies, TheAMT). When the energy flow in our body is disturbed, out of balance or blocked, it does not flow as it should. This causes us to have negative emotions or negative feelings, sometimes about relatively small things, which wouldn't really bother us under normal circumstances. These negative emotions are then triggered off when we are confronted by similar situations or disturbances in our daily life.The negative emotions that arise through these disturbances can be very effectively treated when we tap or stimulate the acupuncture points. EFT consists of tapping on meridian points on the face, body and hands with our fingertips. By using EFT, everyone is offered the opportunity to see the connection between our emotions, our physical feelings and our thoughts, which have an effect on the state of our energy system. "EFT is our first and primary real modern tool for working with the energy system directly." (Dr. Silvia Hartmann, The AMT EFT Masters Course).

Could EFT be used by clients who are too bogged down by stress or lack of energy, to enable them to work constructively? Yes! EFT does help these clients to recharge their batteries, thus enabling them to concentrate on what needs to be seen to.
EFT not only gives us the opportunity to reduce stress in our lives and evolve our feelings to a state of relaxation and well being, but to also take that feeling of well being and tap on it until we reach the healing event.

The healing event is an important part that is not used in Psychotherapy as most therapists are happy when the client is relaxed and not in a state of fear or panic. Silvia Hartmann stresses the importance of going up the SUE Scale (Subjective Units of Experience) and not stopping till we reach a +10 on it - the healing event. EFT gives us a chance not only to rid ourselves of stagnant energy, but to also raise our energy level where we function optimally.

EFT is easy to learn, and once learnt, you'll have a tool that you could use anytime, anywhere, on your own, to help you feel better and increase your level of energy, peace and happiness.

EFT is not a substitute for psychotherapy or for medical treatment. Potential clients who have medical problems are requested to see a doctor first, and a
certified psychotherapist for clinical problems. EFT is not a 'one session' wonder and promises can not be made by me that it will work on everybody. But it is definitely worth giving it a try.

I offer EFT sessions for clients who are suffering from the following:

°  stress and stress-related symptoms and problems
°  anxiety
°  exam fears
°  procrastination
°  lack of self-confidence
°  tension
°  fear of public speaking
°  psychosomatic problems
°  limiting beliefs
°  painful and negative experiences
°  bereavement
°  Trauma

But this is not all. EFT is a great energy method which could be used for the following clients who:

°  want to see the energetic connection between our emotions, our physical
   feelings and our thoughts
° are too bogged down by stress or a lack of energy to enable them to work
   effectively, but who do not want to do therapy for this
°  want to feel better and increase their level of happiness in order to lead a
   more fulfilled and enriched life
°  want to learn EFT to help themselves stay on an even keel between therapy
°  want to work on their problems and conflicts but who do not
    need psychotherapy

and finally

°   for those of you who have heard about this strange tapping method, read
    contradictory reports on the internet and don't know what to believe. Don't
    take somebody's word for it. Just give yourself that chance to find out for


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